Merry Christmas Everyone

This Christmas feels different...

For us, there is no rush for buying Christmas gifts, no stress in traffic jams etc etc..

But there is also no family gathering, no friends, neither the Christmas traditions we have been used to.

But, we are not sad! we are just missing you all, a lot!

So, this Christmas our gift is sharing with you our smiles.

Merry Christmas Everyone
God Jul
Feliz Natal
(more pictures below)

Kisses and Hugs. Helena and Nuno


Anonymous said…
god jul m'y dearests Helena and Nuno! So Nice to follow your adventure, you seem to have a wonderful time!
all is fine with us, christmas in Chamonix with Calle &co, Mamma, Pappa... And dinner with Vic's family...
now we're in Verbier for 2weeks.
We miss you and you are often in our thougts!!!!
puss puss from all 4 (oups 5) of us
Ana Elias said…
Hoje, que o Natal já passou, posso-vos garantir... são as fotos mais natalícias que vi até hoje!

Natal é todos os dias e família está sempre convosco (mesmo que longe)!
Anonymous said…
Vilka glada Julnissar! Många pussar till er båda. Wish you Merry x-mas! Miss you alot in Sollentuna, this is usuallay a time when we see each other, not this year :( men ni verkar ha det spännande, härligt, jobbiga bussresor, tidiga mornar och alldeles alldeles underbart (lite från Askungen och Kalle Ankas jul) Kraaaam
Anonymous said…
Estivemos todos juntos em espírito! Filipe Rocha

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