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Day three started with a bit of an indecision spell. We had decided to stay one extra day in case the sun came back to go on a boat tour around the islands, or to leave if it was still raining that day as well. So of course, the morning came up in grey, with some threatening clouds hanging over the sky. So what to do? Leave as the risk of another rainy day stuck on an island seemed very close. Or look the rain in the eye and just go out on the 9h boat ride, no matter if we would end up sitting it all out in a big downpour (well, we kind of knew that at least the boat was partly covered).

We went for the second option and took off for a day-tour starting with a trip down to Dolphins bay! And let me tell you, it's not called that for nothing. It was amazing! For the first time in my life I saw real dolphins live, right there in the water next to our boat. Incredible!
Yes, it felt rather touristic with a total of 5 boats hanging around the bay, every one full of tourists pointing their cameras on the same group of targets - the family of 4 dolphins swimming around the bay, chasing after jellyfish (another reason to love dolphins as they eat the jellyfish that burn us 'poor' snorkelers if we don't pay enough attention). But I could not care less. It was an incredible experience to see them swim up and down in the water and to make small jumps. And there was a small baby dolphin among them as well.

The perfect start to a perfect day. After the dolphin watching, we set off for the white sand beach of Isla Zapatilla where the sun suddenly made its appearance and gave us a couple of hours of swimming, playing with waves and enjoying ourselves.
The final stop then took us to Isla Coral for some snorkeling. The first time in coral reefs for both of us, it was a truly amazing experience. The fish so colourful, plentiful and in so many different sizes. And the corals. Pink, purple, green, yellow... And in all different patterns, shapes, material.
So beautiful. Like another universe. Just undersea. And some jellyfish of course. Rather beautiful actually, but that's difficult to think about as one struggles to get out of their trajectory (they follow the stream) not to get stung. The first time I saw one right next to me, I actually panicked. But then learned to avoid them.
So, in short. A perfect, tiring, beautiful, bountiful day. And I am so happy that we decided to stay that extra day.

As the sun was shining the next day and as we found out that there is a night bus to Panama City, we decided to stay a few hours that day and go up to Boca del Drago in the northwest of Isla Colón, or rather to Playa Estrella - the star island that gets its name from the abundance of red starfish that lines this beach in the sea.

Another beautiful experience, were nature just seems to be right next to us for grabs at all times.

So no monkey spotting in Panama. Nor any sloth spotting. But so many incredible sea creatures that we got our need for animal spotting largely satisfied.

If I would recommend Bocas del Toro? Guess twice!


Robert said…
Jag tänkte på dig när jag läste om hajarna.

Kul att följa era små o stora strapatser. Jag läser även om jag inte har så mkt att säga...

Kram brorsan
Anna said…
Jag gör som Robert, följer ert underbara äventyr. Och njuter i fulla drag av era fantastiska foton;-)och reseskildringar! Tack för att ni delar med er av er fantastiska resa:-D Puss och kram/mamma
various_artists said…
keep posting!
you are becoming lazy south americans!
Ana Elias said…
Ohhh! Que vontade que eu tinha de também mergulhar nessa água e brincar com estrelas do mar...

Beijinhos aos 2.
various_artists said…
Hey! What's up?!?!
what about providing an update about your whereabouts?
came on lazy people, we need to have some news!

Peace, Love and Respect!
For you two (and for your readers...)

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