Cartagena de las Indias

Wait a second... did we just jump Cartagena?

You are right  after rainy Panama city we did enter Colombia through Cartagena, and what an amazing surprise it was.
Arriving at the airport terminal and getting that sunny, hot and humid air blast felt quite good actually. It was good to go back to the Caribbean side and enjoy the relaxed life.

Cartagena is a 'Ciudad amurallada' meaning that the city grew inside fortification walls for its protection. This area of the city has been kept almost intact since many years, and has its own pace and charm, fully deserving the selection by UNESCO as a world heritage site.

Walking the narrow streets and discovering small plazas was our favorite activity the day we arrived, and I think it kept being our favorite activity for the few days we stayed there.
One of our favorite spots in the evening was Plaza de los Coches, where we enjoyed the performance of traditional dancers with a view to Puerta del Reloj.

Right across the road was Parque del Centenario decorated with Xmas lights, a perfect place to relax in the evening.
Next day we walked on the fortification wall, with views of the old town, new town and beaches. Somehow this vision of the city remind me of my hometown down south of Portugal, Lagos.

After that we rented bikes and moved around the city, the Colonial architecture, the ocean breeze, the carriages moved by horses..
Later we moved to fortress of San Filipe where one can have a spectacular view of the city. Or where one can enjoy oneself playing pirate.
Cartagena was a great place to recharge our batteries, very clean and beautiful, where we  not only discovered a great city, but also freshly pressed juices of some exotic fruits such as curuba, lulo and zapote, but that's another story!


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