But... I must be crazy!!!

Have you ever decided to leave a good, well-remunerated, safe, interesting, sought of job?

I have now. And yes, sometimes I have agreed with the reaction of about half of the people that are informed, that I must indeed be crazy.

At moments, when nothing seemed to come together and my life was just a big chaotic mess, or when taking this leap suddenly seemed more frightening than interesting, or when I listened a bit too long to those mentioning how difficult indeed finding a job is in these times – I agreed. I thought that indeed I must have been crazy that day back in May when I went in and told my boss that I was leaving come end of August. The reason: to travel the world for a year.

So yes, I might by crazy. But sitting here in my first flight to the unknown, I do not feel crazy. I actually feel really quite sane to have taken this decision. Somehow in my mind, it is more crazy to work day in and day out while dreaming of something else. Don't take me wrong, I do not have anything against working. However, having spent my whole life either studying or working, and part of that time dreaming about other things, other worlds, new experiences – I actually believe that one of the most sane decisions I have ever made was to quit my indeterminate contract and go, go, go.

Hence, you can all call me crazy if you want. I call myself free! Free to live life for the moment, to take off, to go in the direction that the winds carry me, to just enjoy, have fun, laugh, cry, feel.

What do you dream of? Are you crazy or free?


anst said…
Crazy and free it seams to me;-)

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