Departure Nr. 1

There she goes.
This morning we drove from Geneva to Milan, where Helena embarked on a flight to Havana - Cuba.
It was a mix of stress, nostalgia, sadness and Happiness.

Below I put some pictures that catch the moment.

As you can see, here at Global Travellers the way to travel is: light, in style and with a big smile on the face.

After watching these pictures an old Stevie Wonder song came to my mind: "Isnt she lovely, isnt she wonderfull".

Helena, we all miss you, and are now anxiously waiting for the first impressions
Kisses, Nuno.


Anonymous said…
Great first entry Nuns! :-) And yes, whatever Helena does she does in STYLE! :-) Looking forward to la suite! Puss V
Robert said…
Nice one Nuno. That looks REALLY feather weight light. I'm curious to see how much style one can pack in a pack that small. Helena might have to go minimalistic this year. I wonder what the odds are. /RZ
Luj said…
There goes my baby, on the trip around the world.

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