Too tired for real blog entries, so here's a super quick update

A normal day of mine in Xela, Guatemala since I arrived on Saturday, or scrap that, since I started school on Monday, looks something like this:
- Wake up at 6h30 by myself (still on Cuba time? because this is so not me!)
- Spanish from 8am to 1pm (5h!!!! but usually goes past fast when I have classes with my fun teacher Susan, however today and tomorrow I had another teacher, and counted the time and felt for the first time that 'I hate Spanish'...)
- 1h for checking emails and getting home for lunch
- Cuddles, diaper changes, kisses, breaking up fights, cuddles, cuddles and cuddles with 'my' 9 children from 2pm to 6pm - there are 3 babies and 6 kids from the ages of 3 to 6 including one autistic who acts much like a baby - and yep, quite often I am alone with them....
- home, washing my hands a few times (just a bit paranoid), short cuddles with the kitty, dinner, and then about 1h of reading before dying in bed at 9h15 pm....

So fairly different from a normal day in Geneva, or even in Cuba, but good, albeit exhausting. Getting a bit better though as I am recovering from a cold probably due to the extreme weather change going from 35 degrees with around 80% humidity where a cold night meant I could wear jeans and a t-shirt with my flip flops, to here in Xela where a really hot day means I can wear jeans and a t-shirt with closed shoes if I stay in the sun.... Around 5 degrees at night and no isolation or heating in the houses, although the worst is in the school where it gets really cold in the mornings. A bit warmer during the days, but still rather cold.

And just an hour and a half from here, down by the coast in the South, the climate is supposed to be like in Cuba!! The reason? Well, Xela is at 2'300m altitude so really up in the mountains, hence the sun is very strong when it does shine.



Anna said…
9 hours of language training 5 days a week!!!
It seems like you are having a very different, but still good time. Starting your days with 5 hours of learning a new language and on top of that 4 hours of taking care of small children while trying to use the new language.
Of course you will have to be tired. But all the cuddles must help and you can always speak Swedish with the kitten ;-)

Lots of hugs/mamma

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