Water power in Iguazu

The Iguazu falls were one of those places in our list that we didn't want to miss out on, and we made sure we didn't. An old Indian tale says that the waterfall was caused by the rage of a furious god serpent that lived in the river and wanted to have the beautiful bride of an Indian warrior.
Whatever this story is true or not, the waters of the river are still furious and
the beauty of the girl might have conquered the landscape as this site is on the run for one of the new 7 wanders of nature.

After another overnight bus ride we arrived in Iguassu and crossed the Brazilian border to the Argentinian side.

After a belly full of incredibly good empanadas we entered the park. The park stretches through several kilometers in the higher and lower sections around the gigantic water fall.

We started our visit with a train ride to the devils throat (garganta del diablo), where the river takes a vertiginous drop and lands some 100 meters below.
Iguassu is known by its amazing waterfall but after spending some minutes there, one understands that this is also the place for beautiful and numerous butterflies.
Nuno getting to know the local butterfly community
The path to garganta del diablo is done over a wooden walkway that was specially made to receive princess Diana. After her footsteps, millions of tourists from allover the globe have have the opportunity to have a close glance at the fall.

The noise from the water crashing down below is heard long before sighting the waterfall and a cloud of mist announces the spot.
It's big! very big! A majestic construction made by nature over many years. The constant roar from the 'devils throat' speaks louder than anyone, the mist gets into our clothes and the size of the fall is too big to fit in my camera lens.

We then proceed our tour by foot to other view points. Information boards tell us to stay on the path..or...
...or the God serpent might come after us too?
The falls are very beautiful, from every angle. It's huge, almost as if the Earth is cracking in half and water is running through the slit.
 As the light shines through it creates huge rainbows down under.
Tropical brown water rush to the precipice and in the vegetation around colorful birds are curious of the tourists' behavior.

Seeing the waterfall was not the same as experiencing the waterfall, so we decided to go closer and below. Well, the result could only be one; WET.

Next day  it was time for some more beautiful views of the Iguassu falls, but this time from the Brazilian side. Beautiful waterfalls and beautiful butterflies.
 And, the beautiful circle of life.
 More water, more butterflies.

We could have stayed there for a lot longer but the park was closing and we had a bus to catch in the evening.
At the end of a full day at the Iguazu park it was time to satisfy our bellies with a traditional Brazilian meat rodizio. An 'all-you-can eat' type of meal experimenting all different types of meat a cow has to offer.


Otelo said…
Amazing! Isn't it the most magestic place ever??? I was there before day light... incredible! Miss you... both (you too Bã)

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