A lot more than just a desert of salt, Uyuni 2

So, it's been some time since the last update. Two main reasons: We've been very busy traveling and internet is not always easy to reach when you're on the road. But we will make an effort to bring you up-to-date with our adventures.

The last post was about Uyuni, and although we spent 3 days there immersed in beautiful landscapes, we only told you about the first day. Its time for some catching-up.

The second morning started cold and very early, we were going to say goodbye to the salt flats, and ride into a desert of rocks to discover beautiful lakes.
The main reason for the early start was was that since it had rained in the previous days some regions had been flooded, and the Jeeps had to take a longer, but fortunately not less scenic route.
 One incredible place we stopped by was populated by red rocks sculpted by the erosion of time.
Some formations were so weird that reminded me of waves, and of course, I took the opportunity for some tubes.
The place is also great for meditation, and Helena decided to become a kung-fu master.
This trip was actually a lot about meditation, feeling the landscape slowly changing, and getting inspired.

We stopped close to a lake where we saw flamingos. The lakes are very rich in minerals that were laid out by earlier volcanic eruptions, it makes it a perfect habitat for the growth of a type of plankton that flamingos like to eat, which gives them the pinkish color.

These are beautiful, elegant animals, and its on itself a great joy, just to observe their behavior in their natural environment.

We continued our journey to one famous site called "arbol de piedra" or stone tree.
It felt unreal to find these magnificent sculptures in such an isolated place. I guess nature chooses wise where to display its best masterpieces.
Me and Helena on top of one of the stones.


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