A lot more than just a desert of salt, Uyuni 3

When we have the space, we jump of excitement.
On the third and last day of the Uyuni trip, when we woke up it was still dark and very cold, we were now at about 5000 m high, close to laguna colorada. With a short night sleep and an empty stomach, we packed our things and got in the Jeep. Our driver was in a hurry, and drove like crazy through the darkness before we arrived to our first stop.
In the middle of the darkness, from the ground a cloud of hot steam extends vertically in a wisle blowing airplane engine loud noise, the best way to wake up! We were in a thermal activity area with geysers and bubling sulfuric mud pools.

 Close to the pools the soil was slipery tricky but was warmer than the cold night air.
The shadows of the other travelers started to gain shape as the morning light filled up the sky.
A bit warmer but still confused with all the morning rush, we continued to  another lake, this one had a natural hot spring pool adjacent to it.
Of course we had to go for a dip. The water temperature was perfect, after two days of cold showers, and the main difficulty was to get out of if.
Some of the nice people we met in our trip
 The journey then continued through incredible views close to volcano tops, unpaved paths that seem not to have an end and beautiful surrounding mountains. I wish I had a camera that could take 360 degree pictures.
On the way, we saw some other wild animals other than flamingos, these are called Viscachas and look a bit like giant rabbits. They look curious and like to stand on the rocks. I don't know what they eat, because at this altitude I haven't seen any carrots!
The trip continued through laguna verde. The color comes from the high content of arsenic, so this time we didn't go for a swim. In the back you can see one volcano top at around 6000m, that's Licancabur.
 From there we were very close to the border with Argentina, but also Chile. We went there for a quick jump to take some of our fellow travellers that continued through the Atacama desert.
On our way back we passed again close to Laguna Colorada, here the waters look pink, and the sky has a particular strong blue. We took our time enjoying this beautiful setting.
Many many flamingos.

As we made our way back felling the roughness of the path under our bums on those uncomfortable seats, after taking in big amounts of wilderness, beauty in such a remote foreign place, nostalgic and introspective thoughts started flowing through my mind...just in time to meet up with some old friends for lunchtime.
After lunch we were followed by a huge thunderstorm most of the time, we would have made it clean if the clutch of the jeep would have survived, but it didnt.
So we were stuck under an impressive hale storm while the driver/mechanic/coca-leaf-chewer was under the car fixing the problem.
Lightning crashes (also a great song) in a not so far away mountain.


O Coxo said…
clearly the most beautiful pictures from your trip so far! fantastic landscapes! hope you guys are well, enjoy!
nuno said…
Hi Coxo, we are doing great. Thanks for your comment. I enjoyed the Uyuni trip very much, clearly one of my favorite places so far, but its hard to decide on the best :D

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